Regrets I cant forget.

in story •  2 years ago  (edited)

imageI regret so many things in my past, the decisions I made growing up and its to the point now that it is starting to effect me mentally, I don't know how to forget it. I don't know how to forgive myself and just move on forward. I'm am so tired of being depressed everyday. I get that I am the only one that can change anything but how do you make changes in your life for the better when your already to tired too even stand. I do try tho, I'm am trying everyday but im starting to feel like waking up is getting harder and harder to do but then some other days are great but the main thing is I always end up reminding myself that I just turned 25 and I have nothing to show for myself. I never owned a car, I never had my own place. All I have is my laptop, my child and my Relationship and even my relationship I am struggling to keep together. My drama just effects everything and everyone around me, the ones I love the most seems to never understand but I don't expect them too.

Please I don't want your sympathy, but do me a favor just ask a person you care about if you think they ain't feeling okay. Make sure they know you love them, try to express to them that today and tomorrow and different.

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