More than Companions

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He tried easing his body and kicking out of the coffin - the haunted darkness of it. He seemed to have woken up suddenly. His years in the bank had taught him what being dressed in a three-piece suit feels like. After feeling his toes and feeling the movement of the undertakers under him, it hit him that he was in a bloody coffin! This is a prank I wouldn't forgive! But who will try such an expensive joke.
The last expensive joke he had sustained was on the day of his convocation when Dave appeared to have torn his certificate - his hard earned first class cert. - to shreds. Dave, what happened to him and why did he refuse to marry Jumoke? He always loved her more. Ah! I married her instead. He had every right to get angry at me. We both never forgave me - at least we had that in common. I am sure he didn't mind me losing my job that time - or did he? I hated the job anyway. Especially that funny looking hat Mr. Casper wore on Mondays and Thursdays. The janitor always tried to make me read his story. How can you work for 35 years in a publishing company and not know that the accountant is not the chief-editor! Poor chap. At least, I sent flowers when he died? But was that enough?
He kept on thinking about a great many things that happened in his life and I kept watching him. Now he seemed content, he had forgiven Jumoke for dying in labour, and himself for getting angry at her for it. It was all he had left to conquer. Now I could see he was at peace. Exactly sixty years, four months and five days ago he worried about waking in a coffin resting on the shoulders of six living men who didn't hear his screams nor feel his kicking. Now my spirit can rest.
As for me, I am dust on bones now. I went through heat and worms but I didn't feel none of it. If you could see me now; I am smiling too - it's really a smile even though I have no facial muscles or gentle eyes but just my uncovered teeth to prove it.
He judged his life with the severity and compassion of a righteous judge. But that wasn't all; he prepared for added dimensions, he prepared for a greater existence. When he was ready he left. Where he went, I cannot tell. Surely he will get a better flesh for he is too pure for me and I must lose my soul companion.

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