How important building a financial pipeline is??

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While reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and Parable of Pipeline, I came across a fascinating story on how important building a financial pipeline is. So, I thought of sharing the story here as well.

Be a pipeline builder over a bucket carrier

A long time ago, there were two friends in an Italian village named Bruno and Pablo. These two friends were very hardworking, but could not get the job due to lack of opportunities. One day the opportunity came. The head of the village needed two men to carry water buckets from a nearby river to a cistern in the town. This job was given to Pablo and Bruno. They were to get one penny for each bucket of water to the cistern.
Bruno had a feeling of his dreams coming true. Bruno started dreaming about pouring 100 buckets in a day which will give him $1; he could buy a cow in a week, a new hut in six months. So, he was going to be rich sooner. But, something else was running in Pablo's mind. He was more visionary and thought of something which could have helped him in delivering water to cistern without carrying buckets. He thought of building a pipeline from the river to the reservoir in the town.



Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.03.43 PM.png

Pablo discussed this idea with Bruno, but Bruno declined the idea as no one did this in the past and was not sure about achieving the pipeline. Pablo didn't lose the hopes and started building the pipeline. Pablo worked for half a day to carry the bucket to the cistern and rest half, weekends and holidays on building the pipeline.

Bruno was earning a decent amount of money and started living lavishly. On the other hand, Pablo was just earning enough to make his living. Months passed, Pablo completed half of the pipeline, and it gave him more hopes to accomplish this task sooner as he now knew the engineering to build the pipeline. Bruno, on the other hand, continued with carrying buckets. But with the time, Bruno's power of taking buckets reduced, his shoulders start falling. So, Bruno began taking leaves from his work and got low compensation as his compensation was equivalent to the number of buckets he carried.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.03.51 PM.png

After two years, Pablo completed the pipeline and opened it to flow water from river to the cistern directly. Now, the village did not require a bucket carrier. Anytime on a day, weekends holidays water was flowing into the reservoir. Now, Pablo did not need to anything else. Money was continuously coming to him regardless if he is working or not, irrespective of any day of the week or holidays. Bruno, on the other hand, destroyed his health carrying buckets 10/12 hours a day and now could not spend much time to work. Bruno was in debt, and Pablo vision gave him financial freedom


We are living the bucket carrying world. 99% of us are not working towards building a pipeline which gives us financial freedom regardless of the hours we spend in our work. We just get paid for the amount of time we work and happy to get few days leave. What happens if we fall ill, and can no longer work, we just pulled down to debts and became dependant on others. So, it is critical to building a financial pipeline to achieve financial independence.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 1.03.57 PM.png

PS: All the screenshots are taken from Parable of The Pipeline

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