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a garden grows two red and white rose trees. Red roses are always angry because things are trivial whereas white roses are always kind. If the red roses are angry, the white roses just sit still. Despite being scolded, the white roses always repay the favor on red roses.

The red grumpy nature of red roses is getting more and more and every angry, red roses always throw chicken droppings into white roses. Now around the white roses are a lot of chicken manure that has dried.

Miraculously, precisely because the chicken dirt was white roses more fertile and from the stems appeared beautiful flowers and fragrant. While the red rose because of anger continues, the trunk is thin and not flowering.

One day came the owner of the garden. He was delighted to see a beautiful white roses. He cleans the grass beneath it so that the white roses get healthier. While the red roses are skinny and not flowering it was pulled and thrown into the garbage.


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