the process of making new films ( aceh )

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Our group rencong heirloom try to make flms acehnese berjul rencong heritage, this dalah making process flms we are located in Lhokseumawe Aceh Sumatra, told of rencong sacred relics of ancient people who want seized by a group of criminals to mengusai Aceh in evil, because rencong the is one rencong tersakti in use by the king of ancient times to combat the invaders coming into Aceh for control of Aceh, therefore the criminals that want to seize the dagger out of the hands of this young man, this young man is a derivative child of fighters in the past that holds the magic dagger, kelanjutanya just waiting for me to tell after flms creation process is completed, and I hope the father / mother steemit account of this love story flms acehnese me tell you just now,





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