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When he moved to Jakarta, Koeswoyo had become a high official in the Ministry of Home Affairs. He brought his children who are partly hooked music. Tonny is among the most avid. At that time, his children grow up. Since Koeswoyo felt that being a civil servant could not meet the needs of a family that was almost like football teams, he eventually worked as a plantation manager around Solo.

Band tools are not cheap goods that can be purchased in the era of rice is difficult to buy before the 1970s. No wonder if only a handful of young people in seputaran family just be able to style style musicians flower generation.

Koeswoyo is a former guitar player hawaiian band was actually not willing to his son became a musician. Even so, Atmini, the wife actually went to buy tools locally made bands in Solo for his children. As soon as Jhon Koeswoyo's story in Who's He? Indonesian Art figures published by National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (2013).

According to Denny Sakrie in 100 Years Music Indonesia (2015), Tonny has learned to play music since teenagers. In high school he formed the band Gita Remaja. Once, along with Jan Mintaraga and Sophan Sophian formed Teenage's Voice and Teruna Ria. Later, Jan is known as a comic artist, while Sophan is one of the most acting actors in Indonesia.

Tonny who continues to practice music was not able to last long with his old bands. Like Barry Gibs frontman Bee Gees, Tonny trains his siblings with music that they bought moms and Jhon, his brother who works on a project in Jakarta.

Together with his younger siblings, though with his makeshift musical instruments, Tonny gigs from party to party before finally recording, famous and goes to jail for Western music they bring under the banner of Koes Brothers.

At that time, President Sukarno called Western music commonly played in the band format as Ngak Ngok Ngok music aka devil music. The collapse of the Sukarno regime is a new phase for Indonesian band boys. Western music is legitimate.

"After 1967, teenagers began to avidly form bands with western music as a mecca," wrote Denny Sakrie. "From 1967 to 1970, it can be said is the embryo of rock music that began to spread in Indonesia. Perhaps the impact of pop culture from America and Britain through the emergence of the movement of the flower generation. "

In addition to Tonny and his younger siblings, later appeared also band sohor from around the elite area of ​​Menteng. All know, since the colonial era Menteng is the Dutch elite. After Indonesia became independent, the area became the residence of officials or other people. Not far from Menteng, there is Pegangsaan area no less elite.

On Jalan Pegangsaan 12, the family is the family of Saidi Hasjim Nasution. Hasjim is a great violinist. According to Denny Sakrie's records, in this family's house appeared famous Indonesian musicians such as Gauri, Odink, Debby, Joe and Keenan, all of whom were surnamed Nasution. Also their neighbors: Chrisye. From the children of Nasution this is Chrisye started playing the band, as a bass picker.

Chrisye, who is along with the children of Said Hasjim, admitted to coming from a family with a mediocre economy. His father is a middle-class construction worker. Chrisye got along with the Nasution Brothers, who later became famous as Geng Pegangsaan. In the past, Chrisye only played bass.

Nasution's children have friends who are not only fond of music, but also tajir. Understandably, son of Ibnu Sutowo, Director of Pertamina longest in history. His name is Pontjo, later known as a great national businessman.

"Pontjo Sutowo bought a set of super-sophisticated musical instruments for the size of that era. Yes! Pontjo apparently imported a first-rate set of musical instruments with the Marshal brand, Fender and there were a few more of them. It may be said that the musical instruments involved all musical instruments owned by bands in remote parts of Jakarta, or even in Indonesia, "Chrisee I wrote as written by Albertine Endah in Chrisye: A Musical Memoir (2007).

Nasution's children, as well as Chrisye, later advanced his band career. Although not rich life of music. They had played in Pertamina's Restaurant in New York for a year. Later they shared with Guruh Soekarno Putra playing in Gipsy, who performed experimental songs. A handful of Indonesian bands did that in the 1970s.

In the city of Surabaya, Ismail Harahap's son, owner of Apotik Kali Asin, also played the band. Andalas Datoe Oloan Harahap aka Ucok with frizzy hair, the child, so famous in jagat rock Indonesia 1970an. Ucok is a frontman of the famous band Surabaya with a name that seems to be an acronym from the name of his father's pharmacy, AKA. The father who memodalinya play the band even acted as the manager of the band. Ismail spelled tajir for the size of Surabaya.

After Ucok eloped with the son of an official to Jakarta, AKA is unclear of his fate. Ucok even tweeted in Two Kribo with Ahmad Albar aka Iyek. Not a musician at random. Before the famous with God Bless, in the Netherlands Iyek is a vocalist of Clover Leaf who had recording and known in the Netherlands.

Iyek is the stepdaughter of Jamaludin Malik, a movie entrepreneur. Like her, her half sister Camelia Malik also plunged into music and movies as well. One band friend Iyek, Donny Gagola is the son of Colonel Eddy Gagola, an influential military figure in Sulawesi.

source Image.

From the island of Sumatra, there is Rinto Harahap and Erwin harahap famous as dedengkot from the band The Mercy's. They are both children of James Waren Harahap, an employee of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) who became Head of Office in Sibolga. Her life is tolerable enough. Including when they lived in the city of Medan before 1965. In Medan also Rinto and Erwin, his brother started playing the band.

Early main band and not yet famous he has a friend, Teruna Jasa Sai, the son of the owner of the newspaper Waspada.

"We got a new player. Teruna Service Said who just returned from London brought the Beatles plates (records) and the latest Rolling Stones, joined in. Strange music that is still unfamiliar to the public fans of pop songs like Steve Winwood, Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfiled introduced into our ears, "I Rinto as written in Glass Glasses (2011).

Rinto, with The Mercy's had a gig in Singapore before moving to Jakarta. In Jakarta, Mercy's became known. With their sweet songs. Not a complicated song like in a record that Britain's Teruna Service Said took. Apart from The Mercy's, Rinto is later known as the creator of melancholic songs that sell well.

In another city, there are other Batak families who let their children play music. He is Drs. JMM Pandjaitan, a high-ranking officer of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). Ever been in Palembang and Surabaya. In Palembang his children have a band called Tumba Band. Only then did his grown children form the Pandjaitan Brothers (Panbers) in Surabaya. When their father transferred to Jakarta in 1971, they went on until finally the song "Akhir Cinta" made them famous.

In Sukarno's time, even in the early days of the New Order, let alone possessing musical instruments such as guitar, bass, drums and even organs, radio or disk purchases were not easy. Some children of the 1970s band, the average child of the upper middle class. They know the music of radio and records that are considered luxurious in the 1950-1960s.

Afterwards, they play bands with their props or loans from their schoolmates or friends. From the class of middle classes this appears the child band or famous musicians Indonesia. It is difficult to find band children from economies far below them, except in the aftermath of the 1990s.

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