Theory of Non-Violence 2

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Virtue of conduct, cleanliness of conduct and cleanliness of ideas and development of ideals from character ideal is the basis of all these moral sources, land is non-violence. This is also the true form of religion.

Sovereignty is the cornerstone of equality, equality, social justice and the inspiring power of human love. True non-violence is one where there is no discrimination between the human and the human, between the heart and the heart, the word and the word, the sense and the feeling of coordination. All the activities go through a tone, a rhythm, around human sensations. All the distinctions have eroded, the gap has been removed and the creation of such a Madhumati role is where we share happiness and sorrow, tears and smile also.

According to Mahatma Gandhi- "Nonviolence is as straightforward as the path of truth, equally cramped, is like walking on the edge of the shoulder. The nuts that can be carefully tracked on the door, the door of truth and non-violence is even thin. Just miss that down. His philosophy is only through the meditation of moment and moment. '20180825_120547_0001.png

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