Let's the dream come true!

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Hi all,
how are You today?
My day was amazing and crazy :)

What happened?!
Today I decided to increase my chances in promotion of Coca-Cola
In my country we have promotion to buy this drinks and let chance to win abroad trip or one of the camps: kitesurfing, football, sail, film camp. I only need to is collect caps. Every caps have unique code. 1 code is 1 ticket. Every Monday there is a draw.

Today was beatiful day: sun was shined i and was warm.
I decide to drive to local restaurants to talk with people who work there about promotion and one of the woman said: "Yes, we have! We can give you."
I thought: she give me 10 or maybe 20 caps, but she brought me a lot of more.
She gave me 240 caps! Oh! YEAH!
I was so happy and I am still. Amazing woman, amazing feeling.
This is a photo:

Now I have chance to win, maybe!
Cross the fingers, people!
Stay tuned!

Coca-Cola don't paid me for that!


Hej! Proszę ogranicz się do korzystania z tagu #polish w przypadku w którym piszesz post po polsku, albo jest on o Polsce. Post i tagi możesz jeszcze edytować :)