What Hands Can Fashion Minds Can Raze (Original)

in story •  11 months ago


I can weave this life into a fine maze -

an obsidian puzzle of interlocking pieces.

But without you it's just a child's toy on a coffee table

and holds my interest for just as long

If I chose, I could set about the sky

drawing faint chalk outlines around constellations

to detail the stellar history of each

But without you it's just so much stars.

If she were a pair of turning eyes

I was a sizzling rib-eye steak.

I can make of you a legend -

so that all your choices are some great destiny.

But without you, it's a child's book on the nightstand -

forgotten easily when the lights go out.



Images and gifts from pixabay & Giphy.com

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I got goosebumps....


I'm glad, and thanks for stopping by to let me know

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Your expression is great..

this poem is a description of love