The Missing is the Thing That Grows (Original)

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You were a brick through my window,
The pin tumbler deftly undone -
but for all the damage that now shows,
I miss all the messy memories.

I crashed through glass

I unlocked you

and in this mess

made you love me.

The coffee is bought, not made anymore,
I cannot recall the color Green -
there are no dust outlines for picture frames -
although I'm fine, nothing is as it seems

I am your french roast

your seafoam Ivy

combing other shores

and ever surreal


It's every success and every mistake
each new addition that tears down the old -
I've built the scaffolding up to my mind
though I'd only meant to cover my heart.

I was your intentions

paving your way to hell -

I make up the wood beams

that now scaffold your thoughts

And now my eye is a window no more

The lock's been replaced, securing the door

but for all the damage that yet still shows

the missing is the thing that grows


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I love your poem structure it reminds me of Ellen Hopkins in a way. It makes the reader go back and reread it in various orders over and over again and your words are beautiful, and your gifs are absolutely perfect for the poem. Chaos is beauty.... Missing messy memories is human nature. You've just gotta make more (;

Thanks for your comment, I definitely agree with your sentiment

That was sad but beautiful. It could make you hesitate to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to someone.

I'm not a love hater haha and i'm glad you saw the beauty in it when you read.

Happy Valentines day!

Then Happy Valentine's Day to you too :D

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Great job sir.......good writing......its creative.....thanks for sharing


hey @prufarchy - i saw on a previous post that you were part of an NYC Steemit meetup previously - do you know how this was set up last time? I am moving to NYC next month and it would be cool to get something arranged!