The Median Between Love and Space (Original)

in story •  10 months ago


The soft scent that carries your name


The secrets that harbor the same


Of moments that some would call shame

In griefing the cosmos for change

You were a knuckle dragging and I was the floor;
our history met in a light oiled slick tracking behind us
reminding us that the past is a messy affair.

Doomed to sin in repetition.

In the corner of your eye lives a galaxy
so named for the saint of broken hearts,
that would take me light-years to reach.

Spooky loving at a distance.

We were better off as stars -
distant, bright and beautiful
and not the fiery density we are up close.

Love is event horizons and information loss.


The soft scent that carries your name


An atom floating on liquid tension


I burned 'til I burst to drink the light years to you


Now I stand on skin, look up, look away. You're gone too.



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I reckon you could totally be in some sort of metal band haha :)

Heavy shit


good anti-social observation ;)

I was the writer/singer in a rock band for several years, I guess it still shows haha



hahaha no ways, awesome :)

Those gifs are awesome! Especially the first one!

Wow! Es impresionante... Gracias por compartirlo

Hello gorgeous. I've been thinking about you recently, how goes it in the west? It appears, that we are going to be travelling this summer, and it is entirely possible that our travels are taking us all the way to the California coast.
I really hope I get to see you;)
I'm thinking it's likely you haven't seen, well, if you get a chance to jump in chat I'd appreciate it.
Hope you are doing as awesome as you are love.


love to read it , thanks.

Echoes of Eliot: “You were a knuckle dragging and I was the floor” true to your name, @prufarchy ;)

I should have been a pair of ragged claws Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.