The Married Meaning of Time and Faith (Original)

in story •  last year


I push and punch

race and fret

one hand a slow death

the other its rapid approach

and a tepid third to mock the middle

Kicking and screaming

enraged and resigned

I take another breath;

it's a further reminder

of my defeat at three hands

Where once there stood a mountain of moments

now lies a lake of memories

and each tock

each mind numbing tick

is a gorgeous death sentence

And you, like it, seem ever more fleeting


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Mmm, the beauty of entropy at work through time. It all goes hand in hand. ;)

A pleasure, @prufarchy, to discover a fellow poet of your caliber. Marriage of image and words is wonderful, too. I look forward to exploring your well-curated blog further! Onwards, upwards - Yahia

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