The Malice of the Moving Now (Original)

in story •  last year

How to uncage unspoken words

that slip the grip of my waking mind; soft sand.

Are these thoughts, like beach footprints, places my soul has walked?

Send me a missive from your edge of space; side of dawn.

wrap up in that message thr prints for your mind

So that I can step where you step

turn where you turn

or jump together.

How to cage the words now passed

that rake at the skin like so much sand paper; rough hands.

Are these scars, like railroad tracks, all the ways I could possibly go?

I'll send you a missive from my side of space; side of dusk.

I will leave you maps of the lines of my mind

so you can trip where I trip

dream what I dream

or skulk together.


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You took me out in the dream world. Thanks for nice share


Lotta dream worlds out there, i'm glad you traveled in mine for a bit

If you ask me, you are a wonderful person

wow,,,,what a amazing pic it is! its also very interesting post. hope that everybody like your post..i am waiting for your next post... good luck...

wow its a great post..... your all post is amazing like this post.....thanks for this

I've been trying to reach you - DM me on Discord

Hallucinatory stuff - startling, memorable phrasing and imagery, again.

(Also, small typo: “message thr prints”)