Peaks and Valleys (Original)

in story •  9 months ago

I’ve kept the those things that remind me of you -
The blankets and cap, the shirts and some socks,
The endless sleepless nights near your pillow.

The sandy colored bedsheet still carries your scent -
is the last thing I smell before sleep
and the first when I wake.

We always saw distance differently -
You worry the miles will break the bonds -
That because I am far my heart will wander.

But we are entangled, you and I,
And there is no distance too great
Where my heart cannot touch yours.

I gather in your broken things
To breathe in deeply and sense you
Because missing you is just that hard.


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I lost someone close to me recently too and missing them has been hard. This was so sweet but a little bit heartbreaking to read. I have kept things from him too that I found hard to look at at first but now I view them fondly. This is great, thanks for sharing


I'm really glad we could share a moment like this


Me too. Thanks for sharing your poetry. Poetry can be so cathartic.

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Haven’t seen you around for awhile, glad to see you back.


It’s been a hard traveling in 2018 - just glad to be back, thanks