Indexed to Imageless Thought (Original)

in story •  last year

There are no thought strings

tying pictures to my mind

some thoughts are imageless.

There are long strings tied
to the muscle memory of you

some thoughts are faintly phantom felt

I cannot show you what I do not see

I cannot illustrate losing love

and although imageless it sears the same


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Nice work. And how did you do that, with all the space? I'm going to sneak a peek into your formatting on steemd and see... 👀

That feeling of losing love... no way to illustrate it because it's imageless, and yet you just did


it's a combination of (no spaces between the carrots in actual use)

< div class="pull-right" > (you can also substitute "left" for "right")
< /div >

and < br > to help space out the lines so the < center > "words" < /center > don't get too jumbled

it starts to be a lot of fun, and if you wanna get deeper look up columns

Like a trip in the world of dreams

wow supper!!!

wow nice story.........

This is so great! You got the great point here......

your writting style is awesome.nice poetry.good job.keep it up