A Brief Discussion While Crossing Rooms (Original)

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There are three doors that live in my chest -
the places that I've come to love the most,
and where the dirt and rust of ages holds no power.

When I light the sullen room -
bathed in tepid golden hue -
I stand stuck in thought - which door to choose?

Behind the first lives all we forget.

Sideways spinning up towards noon
I cannot recall what words we'd said
and of my pain, only sentiment.

Buried here is my hurt in regret -
where flowers are welcomed -
never too long and only for a visit.

Beyond the next lies our attachment

Here is where the lion's share goes -
revisiting memories entombed in thin clear film -
movies that carry on behind your eyes.

I hardly ever leave this room -
I barely never say your name -
cowardly, I seduce the past.

The third is where I keep my fear

When my doubt was firmly behind me
instead of in front, as it usually goes -
I moved like rockets punching holes in the sky.

I leapt like a madman given new life -
I balked at the groovy desperate human being -
I danced like fire with the patience of soft rain -

I charted a path to each and every star

Me - a rickety old wooden house decorated with three doors.



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i think you create a great post..... i impressed to see your post......i hope everybody like your post...thanks for shear it..

What I love, I do not know today. I do not have any wish or not. It is astonishing that sometimes, when I wake up in the deep night, I hear the voice of the unreal, I see the mythical scene. Break the silence of the night and roar in my ears, There is no sea on the back.
If I do not have the moon in the sky and I see the full moon, I can recognize every star in the sky in the clouds. And on some other days, when a well-lit air is heard, first you can hear the name of a musical instrument, a beautiful melody, then whoever sings sweet melody more than the birds of the dawn

Do not think we're floating in the sea at night,
A melodious tune to flutter in the lake, so that
I can talk whispered with you ......

Genuinely very nice...

Which door to choose?

An endless question till to ask as long as we breath with heart -

hope all is well with you!