Full Moon

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Ever wonder how many stories have evolve just by looking at the moon?

Stories of werewolves a half human and half wolf that turns into a beast just because of the moon, of witches and it's broomstick,of mermaids basking in the moon and singing melodic sonhs luring it's victims as stories saya that the song of a mermaid will hypnotize any human being to be under it's spell.

And how about campires? Myth has it that vampires will bask during full moon with their skin glowing like diamonds, it seems that they are on fire, myth also has it that it rejuvenates their strength and makes them more powerful and strong.

But stories around the moon not only evolves on powerful, big, fierce and strong.

Ever heard of dwarf or elves playing on the moonlight?
These small creatures are not inly cunning but are also powerful, do not be decieved of their small stature as they can be aggressive or may hurt a human beings if they think you are hostile and will defend it's territory.

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All of the storiea fabricated are considered a myth, but others believe it is true that stories of werewolves, vampires, witches, mermaids, dwarfs and elves truly existed.

Well truth ir nit let's just gaze at the miin and be immerse of it's beauty nit iust beacause it is one if nature's way saying that even in total darkness of the night there is always a glimpse if light just like the moon.

*Grabbed Photos (google.com)

bold Thank you for reading :)
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The tale of snake eating moon in my childhood, hahaha..i still can't forget until now..

hahah me too mam 😂😊

the legend i always hear 😊

never been forgotten

but i think its true about dwarfs one of my friend actually sees one.

Hahaha stories that we still enjoy up until today in our old age.

Thanks for sharing your legends @prosperity95.

creepy yet interesting..

aswang are out under the full moon

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