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Sudden sleep in the house was astonishing. Whether it is the house or the palace of the palace, so beautiful someone's house? Nandra came to this party today with her husband Joy. It's a win-win boss home. For a special reason the party has been organized here and everyone in the office has been invited here. Sleep is very beautiful. The main alotai of the party is to the sleepiness. Everyone once looked at him. And why do not you look and look beautiful It seems that he has been exported here from the country of the country. As the party looks at her, her glory continues to grow. At that time a boy appeared in front of him with a few bronze glasses. Madam will take some. Seeing the dress, it is understood that he is a waiter. But looking at him, he looked at him with astonishing eyes. So blue Waiter in the end to do so much. And no matter how worthwhile he is, he will get the same job.

  • How are you sleepy (blue)

  • Looks like I'm much better than you (sniff)

  • It's okay. So why are you here? (Blue)

  • That's why I mean, in my office, my husband hails. And see, I did not make any mistake by leaving you. If I had not left you today, maybe today I would have to wait a waiter. Whatever you go from here, there is hope in front of you. Seeing me with you can be a problem. (Nausea)

  • That's exactly where the winters go there, sir, why are you here and this dress?

Surprised by the nudity, he looked at him in the eye, and the smile smiled a little in the face of the blue.

  • Hey, you do not know him, that's my office boss Mr. Shahriar Nasim blue. He has organized this party. But Sir, why do you wear this dress, I just do not understand anything. (Victory)
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