I finally published my first book: The rough path

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Despite the fact that I am a writer and I have manuscripts, I have been unable to publish any for years until now. All I had been doing for years was writing articles, blogging, speaking at events and creating contents for different magazines, writers and bloggers. I just couldn't publish a book.

At first it was the fact that I kept desperately searching for a known and established publishing house to help publish that was delaying me. The few publishing houses I had approached because I believed I stood a better chance with them, had been quick to say No to me. Later there was one that eventually agreed to publish my book, back then I had been overjoyed and I even started telling family and close friends that I was going to get published by a "big publishing house". Little did I know, that one of the workers who was majorly in charge of new authors and manuscripts had somethingelse in mind. My dad who had experience with men in publishing had warned me earlier to be careful but I thought he was just being protective.

At the end of the day one of the men I had encountered wanted to go out with me " to speak concerning my book". Of course that was the end of that chapter, and many more like that which occured. The ones that had the decency not to ask me out, wanted me to wait. There was a particular publisher who kept saying " paper is expensive, paper is this and that but your manuscript is good if only you can wait for a while...". Of course I waited for over a year to no avail. It took tact and wisdom to get him to release the manuscript after wasting so much time.

I then started to try getting published by foreign publishing houses, I tried so many that I cannot even remember all right now, but there was one particular one that kept contacting and calling me, Dorothy Publishing house. In the end, it turned out they wanted me to partly finance and share the expenses of the publishing. Imagine that, I didn't have enough money to publish in Nigeria now they were asking me for dollars ???

To cut the long story short, after several thoughts, self condemnation, self denial and self motivation, I decided to publish on my own late last year. Of course I had few people who encouraged me to do so too. And although today, I have started with the smallest of my manuscripts, I'm grateful that I have started.


Even if this looks small to some people, to me, it is like I have taken a big leap and I'm excited that I'm sharing this with this community. I'm officially an author!

All images taken with my phone camera.

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congratulations on your first book published @ponmile, hope that you'll keep sharing everything with us on steemit too, and perhaps with more story you shared there'll be another publisher will attracted to your books.

anyway, would you do any review on your book too? I'd like to know what's the story in it.


Thank you @cicisaja , now that you have mentioned it, I will

I am super proud of you, @ponmile. I feel challenged by this. Congratulations dear.


Thank you dear friend @olawalium


Anytime, cutie.

so proud of you @ponmile, you really took a big step by publishing your own book, and the story of success will start from here, This must be a good start for the new year, Now I wonder How you gonna sell your book? My friends also published their own book and they sell it online through their networks on FB, schoolmates and families, What about you?

and I came here to let you know that I supported you and I Have featured you in @pifc or Pay It Forward Contest this week. Here is The Link PIFC Week 39 Wish You Continued Success!


Thank you so much @dipoabasch i'm sorry I'm replying late... Yes I hope to take to schools and sell to school students, I started marketing already and of course it is on social media.

I hope it isnt too late to check out that link

Congratualtions on publishing your own books. Hopefully this will start a snowball effect.

PS: I've found your post because @dipoabasch featured you in his entry for The Pay It Forward Contest


Thank you so much...

This is a big win for yoy @ponmile. I'm still trting to publish mine haha. I'm thinking amazon kindle publishing platform. Yes! I'm proud of you. This is amazing. I'll love to get a copy as well.



Thank you dear friend....Sounds like a great platform... I'm sure you will.... I will figure out how to send you a copy..

Wow! This amazing. Congratulations on your first publishing. I pray this one you've published yield positively and you'll be encouraged to publish more. Amen!


Amen! Thanks a lot @k-banti

This is such a milestone. Exciting and frightening at the same time. I hope it does well. It's not the size it's the simple fact you were published. Something to be very proud of.

You were featured in week 39 of @pifc's Pay it Forward Curation Contest by @dipoabasch


Thank you so much @tryskele

I appreciate

Congratulations dear. More fabulous books awaits.


Thank you so much @maxijgcomm

Congratulations. May God crown your efforts.