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Two British clubs played the last game of the championship. Do not There was not much left for the final whistle, and they were still tied when a player He collided with another and fell sprawled on the floor.

A stretcher removed him from the field and in a jiffy all the medical equipment He put his hands to work, but the unconscious did not react. The minutes passed, the centuries, and the coach was swallowing the clock with needles and everything. I had already made the regulatory changes. Your boys, ten against eleven, they defended themselves as best they could, but there was not much they could do.

The defeat was coming, when suddenly the doctor ran to the coach and announced, euphoric:

-We did it! He is waking up!

And in a low voice, he added:

-But he does not know who he is.

The coach approached the player, who babbled inconsistencies while He tried to get up, and in his ear he informed him:

-You are Pele.

They won five to zero.
Years ago I heard, in London, this lie that told the truth.