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Once upon a time, In a village a Sculptor was lives. He made Statue, after that if any seeing statue they feel that this statue is alive. After sometime he had came NARCISSISM for his ART.
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One day in His life He feel that he is about to DIE. He is in TROUBLE. he made a Plan to confuse GOD. he made 10 Statue of its Own and get seat in between of them.
One day when God is coming he saw 11 statue which is same, no little bit of difference in them.
God confused, God cannot find the original Human. Suddenly, God came to the idea of Examining the biggest Evil EGO of Human Nature. God see all the Statue and say there is One mistake in this Statues. Hearing this, The eulogy of the Sculptor work up, and he suddenly say to God "which type of Mistake ?". God Catch him and say, Just made this mistake you are ego.

  • MORAL = The ego always hurts the human

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