Ellyas Pical's - Indonesia World Boxing Champion (Forgotten)

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Ellyas Pical legendary boxers into the era of 1980. He was the first to grab the title of world champion from Indonesia.
If talk of modern Indonesia, boxing fans today will better remember Chris John. Boxer nicknamed "The Dragon is indeed very good as Boxer yanag bears the title world champion at featherweight for the longest second for a decade.
There is one name that sticks in the minds of the community, which saw the TVRI in 1980 's. They bear witness to the emergence of the first world boxing champion from Indonesia. He is the Ellyas Pical.
Elly is the owner of three World Championships. By Asian Boxing, Elly was still referred to as Super Flyweight-class Boxer most amazing throughout history. He recorded 20 WINS, 11 of them by KNOCKOUT, one victory series, and five defeats.
By the international media, Elly was nicknamed The Exocet, the missile. Punch-punch hook and left uppercut that is fast, accurate, and powerful engines that are so characteristic of Elly cause.
Elly was born in Ullath, a small village in the islands of Saparua. Elly's childhood was spent on the beautiful beaches that surround the village. In fact, some call the little Elly often involved diving along the Pearl Diver, one of the favorite profession the inhabitants of the village.
Elly knows boxing at the age of teens. He was stunned to see the action through Muhammad Ali impression TVRI.
The journey starts from Elly boxing amateur boxing. His name was entered in a map of Amateur Boxing in 1980 when he became the third President's Cup appeared in Jakarta. Elly grabbed the gold medal in the 51 kg class.
Elly entered professional boxing two years later, when he was 22 years old. The defeat suffered by Elly on her debut. He was defeated at the hands of Edward Apay at duel in the year 1983.
Does not take long to get up and make Elly master national boxing bout. He managed to become a Super Flyweight champion in the same year.
The name Elly worldwide in the year 1984. He managed to stop the boxers so ever world number-one, Prayurasak Muangsurin. It was only then, he managed to claim the OPBF Super Flyweight title after beating Hi Young Chung of South Korea.
After successfully defended his title by defeating OPBF Mutsuo Watanabe, Elly treated to fight world champion title. He is scheduled to meet with Chun Ju IBF Super Flyweight champion Do. In a duel in Jakarta on 3 May 1985, Elly wins hands down and ensure the world championship round of eight. In the next fight, Elly successfully defended his title. He won the third round over Wayne Mulholland of Australia on August 25, 1985.
However, Elly had to admit the superiority of Dominican Republic, Cesar Polanco Boxer, through numbers in the fight in Jakarta nine months setelahmnya. Elly then successfully revans over Polanco with a reverse hit KO at the second match in Jakarta, July 5, 1986.
Elly victory again. This time he successfully defended the title after getting rid of South Korea, Boxer Dong Chun Lee, in 10 rounds.
WBA champion Elly effort ran aground in the hands of boxers Thailand, Khaosai Galaxy. He was suspended in round 14 in a duel in 1987.
Eight months after that, Elly captured IBF junior bantam class title from defending champion that time Tae Il Chang (South Korea). The title was last up to 2 years, up to then the surrender of Elly Juan Polo Perez of Colombia after losing numbers.
After that defeat, Elly was still riding ring in three games nongelar. Elly retired at the age of 32 years.
Elly had developed the art of boxing with him down train. But, the effort was not continued.


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