Back to The Hometown

in #story6 years ago

It's been so long since I've ever seen my hometown
My busyness in Bandung made me rarely go home to see my hometown
Tiredness in the big city makes me a little dizzy
Hm .. finally all vanished, when I arrived in The Country's Of Coffee
O M G yes... Takengon - Central Aceh
The air is cool and and the scenery is beautiful
Make my eyes
Make a brain that had been sank
Being fresh again
As in the Land of Heaven
Beautiful Views
Fatigue on a motorcycle trip
Lost instantly and without trace
Both my friends are original people of Bandung,
What I invite to enjoy my homeland
Can not say anything
In addition to the cool air and beautiful scenery
There's one that makes me miss
Yes ,,, Gayo Coffee
hahahhahahaa ... hahhahahahha
Can't fight this taste bro
Yes I Love Gayo Coffe
I Love My Hometown
I will Miss U forever


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