Walking in L.A. - Volume IV

in #story5 years ago

Kids make amazing candid subjects for street photography.


That is if you are tricky enough to catch them before they see you.


They live in the moment, experience what’s in their world here and now.


They find the fullness of every situation...even when they cannot fully process or understand what’s around them.


We could learn a lot from kids.



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Oh wow....perfect timing with the 4th one - the sidewalk painting looks like a shadow.

Being able to live carefree like a child is ideal....I don't know many who can be in the moment like them. And, these days, I don't even know if children can live in the moment with so much vying for their attention.

I love the expression in the last photo - this little one definitely expresses adoration to whomever she is looking at.

Your photos are so amazing Lisa. Each one tells me something different. Love them!

Thanks, Deb. It does seem like it could be a tough time to be a kid....I know it’s a tough time to be an adult. But I wonder if it’s ever not been a tough time.

That last kid wasn’t looking at anyone; just feeling free and in awe of the Venice Beach Boardwalk...which sadly no longer really exists.

The third photo I’m especially pleased with. Not just for the timing. That’s a permanent art installation of eight slabs from the Berlin Wall, painted by various artists, which is here in L.A.Its such a powerful exhibit, located outside the Wendy Museum. I love that it’s interactive. People can touch it, walk on it, lean against it. And children can play there...not knowing the terror and oppression it once represented.

My deepest hope is that we don’t repeat that portion of history. My greatest fear is that we already are...

Excellent photos. I found some of them so heart-touching. I hope to travel to L.A. soon.

Kids, good object to photograph. They are so sincere and natural. I think I have a similar taste to @countrygirl, last two photos kept my attention the most. Great job as usual. Greetings!

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