Walking in L.A. - Volume III

in #story5 years ago

The streets of L.A. are decidedly diverse. A true melting pot of cultures and culture.


They have their dark sides, of course.


But today I’m celebrating some of the everyday dynamic beauty that keeps me here.


Just some guys in monochrome...gettin’ their L.A. on.


No drama required.


And...that’s a wrap!


The first photo sets the mood for these photos. Love them and the "vibe".

Thanks, Deb! How the heck are you?!?

meh!!!!! meh!!!!! and meh!!! Does that say it all? lol I stepped down from curating so I should have told you as I just realized I'm no longer available on discord. Sorry for that.

I've been busy trying to learn new things with my camera.....I get frustrated too easily with it because I know what I am trying to do but I'm not getting the result. The good thing is though, I am getting some happy accidents and learning from that....especially with lighting. I always forget to look for the lighting.

Aren't you glad you asked? I could go on...feeling rantish. Maybe I need cake.

Cake is always needed.

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Beautiful series of shots. Love that first one with the sax

Thank you! Yes, I really love the sax player one, too. 😊

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