Boorg Industries Backs Steem Dollars in 2018 Guarantees Cryptocurrency Liquidity

in story •  11 months ago

NOTE: Boorg Industries Intergalactic are located in the future - Also note that the Future is the Matrix of all Existence.

We of the Boorg Group, an intergalactic group of time travelers, have decided to back Steem, and most of the rest of
the Blockchain beginning in 2018.

Boorg Industries Intergalactic are well known throughout many galaxies - And have been insuring smooth transsitions
of primitive races into the future.

You, Human, have passed some elementary tests - We believe you are ready for the future - And will guarantee a smooth
transition for your species.

We want you now to study blockchain technology {similar versions can be found throughout many galaxies of advancing species} - Assure backup systems are always in place - You secure physical backup systems and we
will guarantee the validity of the currency.

Are you ready to trade with us Man? - Then let us take 2018 into a New Dawn for your race.

We {we are a non-biological race} and many biological and biological mechanical hybrid species, look forward
to meeting you - You are rated 'A' for your creativity Human.


{Agent of Boorg Industries Intergalactic}


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Sounds like a promising action.