The day they met

in story •  11 months ago

Once opon a time there lived a handsome young man called Joel in a far away city in ancient Atlantis. He was about six and a half feet tall, he had brown coiling hair and blue eyes. He had two brothers and a sister. His father was a farmer, so he usually go to the farm with him, they leave in the morning after cock crow and come back a little after noon. They do this once every three days to weed their farm. They lived in a small brown house which had thatched roof. The road to their farm was a narrow bush path which allowed the passage of one person at a time except you decide to enter the bush. About twenty meters North of their farm was a pond in which villages fetch water from. On this faithful morning after the cock crow, Joel embarked on his usual journey to the farm but this time he went alone because his father was I'll and was taken to a healer. When he got to the farm, he started weeding. Not long after he heard a girl singing by the pond. Her voice was so sweet and soft that he stopped what he was doing just to listen to her. Her song went like this '' since I was born, I have never fallen in love, I wonder why, is it that there is something wrong with me,or could it be that I haven't met the right one, I pray that I find him soon''. When she was done singing, Joel could not resist the urge to go and meet her so he did. On getting there, he saw her sitting by the pool, so he called onto her Joel: Excuse me young lady. Girl: (stood and turned back) hi. At this moment, Joel became speechless because of the overwhelming beauty that stood In front of him, he just kept his eyes locked on her and that was when it happened, he fell in love. The name of this young lady was breder. She had long dark hair, she stood about five and a half feet tall, she had green glaring eyes, her lips had the color of freshly cut strawberries and she possessed that smile that could make any man fall in love.
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