Monserrat Nomdedeu|Day 1

in story •  last year  (edited)


He had a particular magic, it was impossible to understand what was coming out of his pores; her eyes turned a deep red when in contact with the sun, her pale skin was very striking, her hair black as night, but I think the most interesting thing about her was the mystery that she hid, many could not understand that, to others like me it seemed fascinating. She was what any mortal would want without taking into account the risks represented by loving her, and others had suffered for her love, others whose punishment was death, but it was impossible not to want her, it was impossible not to love her, or at least for me no. Monserrat had become the mistress of my night and day, without even thinking about it, she with her scent managed to disconnect my mind, she was my undoing, my blessing, my destruction and likewise my salvation.

By @oriannic

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