Monserrat Nomdedeu|Day 2 (ENGLISH)

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The woman of my dreams, the goddess who idolized every night passed in front of me every day, but I still did not have enough courage to interrupt her path and ask for some of her attention, I could not imagine the possibility that she would speak with a simple mortal like me, someone who possessed neither crowns, nor thrones, much less magic. No one can understand the pain I felt when I saw her walking, taken by the hand of Mateo (her boyfriend), she thought that was what discouraged me the most from continuing with the idea of ​​loving her. How could I think that Monserrat could be fixed on a woman like me? She could not even see me as a friend, since she has never looked at me, in fact she created that she does not even know my name or she has noticed that I observe her during every Magic History class. Monserrat has no idea who writes verses every night, nor should she know who collects the best flowers for her, and will never know that I am the woman who loves her deeply.

by @oriannic

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Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around


Thanks you!