Once Upon A Time { Poetic Story } Part 3

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Part 1
Part 2

So I got to a cross junction, place of confusion
Knew not who to run to , so many suggestions
But no one is there to confide in. I found a path,yeah I did found a path. That path led to the first community in my adversity {Steemitgroup}

And then came that time when I found disbelief in my relived condition. I got to a place where the biosphere is a good match with the atmosphere and both micro and macro organisms lives in communism

It feels so good to belong to somewhere in someplace that is weird. The adventure is just at birth but I thought that was the death {end}. Then the time passed as it never waits and has never waited for anyone

I made some friends , and some foes alike but the friends I made helped me against the foes of my creation. So the struggle begins, equally the hustle started. I want a big fat meat to make ends meet, so I thought but man shall not live by meat alone

So what happened next? Catch me on the next episode


img1 & img2

Remember the adventure is non ending , catch ya on the next episode, kindly share your opinions in the comment section


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