Hard working 3 year old in the green frog boots.

in story •  last year

My grandson is 3 years old, and loves to work in the yard with his Omma. He loves to help her water and feed the chickens. They work on her garden, and do a little yard work. He impresses me, with his get up and go. My wife has posted many pictures of the both of them working in the yard, and almost everyone I know has commented on his little green boots.


Working hard in the yard!


Every once in awhile he and Omma get out to the garden center.


Sometimes I tag along.


We all know who is in charge.


Results of all the hard work.


You have to leave time to enjoy the day and have some fun.


Here he decided to help out in the house and feed the dogs.


After everything is done, there's nothing better than a bath and a nap.


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