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Prologue CONTD.

At the mouth of the alley, a truck stood with its front facing the street. It looked similar to those that delivered flowers at her shop. Its back was open like a cavernous mouth waiting to swallow her up. The hulk dumped her in the back like a sack of potatoes, knocking the wind out of her, before he slammed the door shut.

As Isabel lay there in complete darkness trying to catch her breath, she heard the lock slip in place. The truck roared to life before gently being eased onto the road. No one noticed a dark blue car that came to life as soon as the truck turned at the end of the street.

Isabel could remember little of the journey to the holding place. She sat back against the hard wall trying to find a comfortable position. Unlike most kidnap victims, she had a very strong inkling of why she had been taken and by whom. She might not know the identity of the hulk and scarecrow, but she was certain of the mastermind’s identity. She wished that she didn’t. She wished that she could wallow in the bliss of ignorance instead of dwelling in the terrifying knowledge that no ransom was going to be put out for her return. No. All that awaited her was death.

*****END OF EPISODE*****

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