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Light fills the room, I had not slept a wink listening to the cadence of his heart beat, the mild rise and fall of his built chest, his strong protective arms around my slim waist.

The fact that we were both naked made me feel somewhat abashed, my face burning red even more at the thought of him living in me until I could't walk. I played it over like a bad turning fork. Tears welled I shouldn't cry it's not like if he hasn't treated me like a lady thus far crushing them back in their cages.

I am meek and he is controlling me with no ropes, chains or curses. He had won without a curse, a shout, a yell. I was under a horrible spell but despite my lack of skill I wasn't ready to go down without a fight. Marriage is a life time commitment one I didn't want to share with him or anyone else but here am I getting married in less than two months.

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