Hairy situations always happens on a New Year

in story •  2 years ago 


Comin' from the club last nigh bringing in the New Year, I heard a loud commotion coming from around the corner.

It was a Weave, Hair Extensions and  Wig in a loud, heated argument. 

Weave had no comeback but wouldn't shut the Hell up. All she kept sayin was "sew?... sew?... and what!?... sew?!

Extensions kept adding on to it, making the fiasco take that much longer each time it looked like it was about to get cut short. This looked like it might get messy.

Wig on the other hand just tried to keep the peace with a cool level head just trying to live the straight and narrow. She wanted "no part" of that hairy situation.

Then a car came screeching from around the corner. It was Natural, that chick always knew how to keep it real. She cocked back her neck and started blasting. Like a an explosion of ball bearings buck shots everywhere and people ran for cover. 

What a night! 

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Sounds like an unforgettable night, Norman!
Thanks for sharing.
Upvoted & Followed.