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Everything in life depends on zapoh

The hero of the novel Suskind - Grenouille killed 12 women for the collection of collection of smells and create their best perfume. However, as shown by recent studies, mixing them collected "music" in one bottle is unlikely to yield a successful composition.

Milinski researcher did not kill the girls. He gave 137 female students at 36 aromatic ingredient, and the girls had to choose the most advantageous "for themselves." At the same time students have been deciphered HLA-genotype (determines the expression of his own body odor). The results showed that girls with matched genotype of HLA-way as if they tried to increase their own body odor.

This perfume ghosts

Next, the girls had to choose from the same flavors preferred for "prospective partner". This time it turned out that the girls chose smells opposite its HLA-genotypes. Thus, if the alleged young people took advantage of these flavors, they also strengthened their own smells, and so selected partners fundamentally different from each other in the genes HLA. Moreover, the progeny of such vapor will be most ideally combined HLA-genotypes.

Why is the "perfect"? The point is that the same HLA molecule on cells of the immune system involved in recognition and binding of infectious agents. The greater the differences in HLA-genotyping the parents, the more universal is HLA-genotype of the child and the greater diversity of infectious agents able to recognize and destroy the immune system. Therefore, the offspring of the partners with different HLA-genotype is the most healthy!

In another study it showed that the brain react faster and stronger odor similar HLA-partner than the smell of different genotype. Therefore, avoidance of HLA-similar partner is much more important than the attraction of HLA-perfect partner. So Grenier is unlikely to have been able to create a universal composition of aromas, which are equally liked everyone and no one pushed.

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At the age of six, when everyone had gone to bed, something grabbed me by the arm and pulled under the bed, as a result, I fell out of bed, but under the bed or anyone not found. In the morning I woke up with a bruise on her arm.

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and the video machine with accelerated? I think that if everyone put the video on anything but lift. I do not rarely hear strange sounds and I'd rather not know what it is.


From all the above we can conclude:

Perfumes should not be used to mask their scent, and to strengthen them;
Therefore, the perfume must be selected individually, ignoring the trends and fashion;
Proper selection of fragrance contributes to finding a genetically suitable partners and the birth of healthy offspring.


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