# Interviewed for rejection, 5 minutes later the guy made a lifetime change

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Only desperate words can be used to describe the feeling of rejection, but shortly after, the poor man did something and changed his life completely. Many years ago, a poor boy from remote countryside came to the big city to earn his living. Because the educated is not high, nor skilled, he does not know what he can do. Seeing a company with the hygienist recruiting information, the guy immediately went to the job application. During the interview, the HR manager was very pleased with the intention of choosing the candidate. However, the last step of the interview process suddenly appeared "barrier". The manager said: You give me my Email address, I will send you the papers for you. - I do not have Email, I do not use a computer.

You do not use a computer, you do not know how to use Email ?, so ... I'm very sorry, no email, you can not login to our system, Moreover, the computer does not use ... I can not get you in this position. " The boy sighed, desperately leaving the tall building. In the $ 10 USD purse, it is hard to live, not immediately earning money, he just has to live his life away from the market. Sitting on the side of the road, the young man saw next to a huge supermarket. Suddenly, a faint idea formed in his mind. Soon after, the boy ran through it, spent all the money left on the apple and brought it to every corner of the street for sale.

Although he sells more expensive in the supermarket for some price, some people are too busy or the housewives are afraid to go out the door asking for the apple of the young man. And finally, he sold the apple and earned $ 20. Know how this effective, poor boys decided to buy more apples, actively sell from morning to night. Busy all day, he finally has time to recalculate his income. He was surprised when the money earned up to 160 USD! From then on, the boy started his retail business, serving himself. Gradually, he firmly grasped every household at home, who needed to buy something, a house with more conditions ... and thought of many products that could be combined for sale, The more fluently, the more persuasive the buyer.

When the business went into orbit, he began to buy bicycles, then switched to small trucks, and finally, the rural man once had his own shop. Over the years, his store has expanded into a well-known supermarket chain. As a retiree, spending more time with his family, the supermarket boss sought a financial adviser to help him plan his pension and heritage. After a meeting, the consultant asked his client his email address to send the plan and papers to him. At this time, the old owner calmly said: Ever before, I never use the computer and Email, later I also do not use. You send the necessary documents to the mailbox in front of my house.
The financial advisor does not believe in what he has just heard: "Do not you use computers and email and still be able to set up your own supermarket system nationwide? That science, I do not know how you would be like now. " The old man laughed and said, "I'm going to be a sanitation worker."


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a good story, and a passionate and motivated life that is nice.

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