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In the golden history of Companions, we find the story of the character of Abdurrahman bin Auf in the attitude of helping and hastening in goodness. He is struck with fear of bankruptcy and loss in the afterlife, whereas in the world he has gained abundant wealth. It was inspired by the information of the Prophet from the hadeeth ra. When he heard the noise, Aisha suddenly asked, "What has happened in the city of Medina?" "Abdul Rahman bin Auf's caravan just came from Syam carrying merchandise," someone answered. Ummul Mukminin said again, "The caravan that has caused all this?" "Yes, Umm al-mu'minin. Because there are 700 vehicles. "Aisha shook her head. His eyes were far away as if he was going to recall the events he had seen and heard.


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Then he said, "I remember, I've heard Rasululah say,` I saw Abdurrahman bin Auf go to heaven slowly. "

Some friends heard that. They also delivered it to Abdurrahman bin Auf. How surprised the rich merchant was. Before the business rigs were released, he immediately stepped into the house of Aisha.

"You have reminded me of a hadith that I can not possibly forget." Abdurrahman bin Auf said again, "So I am hoping with great pleasure that you will be witnesses that this caravan with all its contents and its vehicles and equipment, I offer in the way of Allah."

And the entire cargo of 700 vehicles was distributed to all the residents of Medina and beyond. A very large infak. Abdurrahman bin Auf is a leader who controls his wealth. Not a slave controlled by his wealth. As proof, he does not want to hurt by collecting the treasures and then save them. He collects the treasures in a lawful way.

Then, the treasure he did not enjoy alone. His family, relatives, brothers and the community also share in the wealth of Abdurrahman bin Auf. So rich Abdurrahman bin Auf, someone once said, "The entire population of Medina united with Abdurrahman bin Auf. A third of his property was lent to them. Another third used to pay their debts. And the remaining third is given and distributed to them. "

Abdurahman bin Auf realized that his treasures would not bring relief and pleasure to him if he did not use them to defend the religion of God and help his friends. One day, it was served to Abdurahman bin Auf food for breaking the fast. Indeed, when he was fasting. When his view fell on the dish, his appetite arose. But, moments later, he even cried and said, "Mush'ab bin Umair has fallen as a martyr. He is a much better man than me. He only got a shroud of a burdah; if it is closed to his head, then his legs are visible. And if you put both feet up, open your head. "

Abdurrahman bin Auf paused for a moment. Then continued with a still sobbing and heavy voice, "So is Hamzah who is much better than me. He also died as a martyr, and in the moment will be buried only there is a shawl. It has spread out for us the world as far as possible, and has been given to us as much as possible. Indeed we are worried about having the good of our good. "


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Such is Abdurrahman bin Auf. He is always afraid that his wealth will only incriminate himself before God. Fear was so often, finally spilled her tears. In fact, he never took any forbidden treasure.

On another day, some friends gathered with Abdurrahman bin Auf facing a banquet at his home. Shortly after the food was placed before them, suddenly he cried again. Suddenly the friends were surprised. They asked, "Why are you crying, O Abdurrahman bin Auf?" Abdurrahman bin Auf did not answer for a moment. She wept bitterly. The Companions really saw that how refined is the heart of an Abdurrahman bin Auf. He is easily touched and so full of worries about everything he does in this world.

Then heard Abdurrahman bin Auf replied, "Rasulullah Saw. died and never before his family ate whole wheat bread until full. What is our hope when it is prolonged but does not add to the good? "

If it is like this, not only Abdurrahman bin Auf who cried, the friends will cry too. They are people whose hearts are easily touched, close to God and never stop hoping for God's approval. Let us follow in the footsteps of their special kindness.


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