Aceh coffee is very magnificent in asia

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A Q-Grader coffee Aceh reveals the secrets of Nikmatan Aceh Coffee. He gave a message to the young generation of coffee lovers so as not to leave the coffee filter that makes the coffee of Aceh feels good. Filter coffee is traditional coffee of Aceh, which is presented in classic in Aceh.

Aceh coffee was filter coffee, it don't get lost, it's the traditional coffee we are, said Q-Grader, the Mahdi in the discussion at the Festival of Coffee in Banda Aceh, Sunday (24/11).According to him, the younger generation in Aceh so do not be complacent with just espresso, so it will forget how to manufacture traditional coffee Aceh

He confessed to all of it the coffee was delicious, but it is important to maintain the distinctiveness of Aceh coffee with a filtered manner. "Sometimes, it's not the taste that is enjoyed by coffee connoisseurs, but also can we sell how to serve it like a coffee filter that does not exist in other places," he said.


The coffee shop in the Village Water Pinang is not named. Managed by Fitra, 18 years old, a young man who just graduated high SCHOOL and aspired to continue the school take biology next year. The previous coffee shop that was managed parents Fitra. After he graduated from school and while waiting for the course registration in the next year, parents Fitra putting the management of the coffee shop to the Fitra.I ordered a cup of coffee. Deftly Fitra make coffee for my order. Two fruit container made of zinc-shaped large glasses and a filter cone shaped become a key fixture on the presentation of the coffee. Hot water move from one container to the other container after the previous through the filter. Repeatedly Fitra tossing and turning the hot water colored black in between the two containers before finally pouring the coffee into the cup.



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