Hopefully the Fasting Today can not only withstand Hunger and Thirst, but also can control the heart

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Remember yes, Fasting is not only hungry and thirsty, but how presumably the hearts that exist within us can also be well controlled.

Because of a good heart, then certainly our actions will always be well preserved.

We will always take time to do good things, which can add to our rewards in this holy month, if our hearts are always kept well.

So when any of us are asking, why should the heart that we seek to be under control? Because when our heart is well controlled, we can guard with patience, then all that is in us this will be good too.

Holding your eyes against seeing bad things, holding back oral to avoid ghibah and not saying bad, holding your ears so that you do not hear bad things, all we can do when the heart is controlled properly.


But of course it will be difficult to condition the heart to always be maximally good, but anyway we must try, we must combat the increasingly spoiled appetite juxtaposing themselves.

If thirst and hunger can we resist, then try not to do things that will reduce the level of fasting reward that we do now.


And remember again, that fasting is not only hungry and thirsty, but how our lust can also be well controlled and wise.

Make sure we not only hold orally from eating or drinking something, but also holding back from talking bad, like talking about other people's ugliness or slandering.

And when our hearts, lusts, and selves are well controlled and wise, then may God give us a reward of great merit and goodness to us.


Hopefully not just today we can condition the heart and self well, but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on we are always istiqamah. Aminn.