Beautiful is seen from the heart

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Every woman wants to get a pretty degree. Our faces will flush red if anyone gives beautiful praise. But .. beautiful is that what? What is the benchmark? Is it beautiful as beauty products advertisements that always show women tall, slim, smooth white, shiny hair and perfect look all the time? What if physically, you are far from the figure, you are not beautiful?

It is quite sad, many women who feel not beautiful and inferior because it is far from the pretty standard given by beauty products manufacturers. But HEY .. the world is not as tight as advertising beauty products. All women bring beauty, but often those ads close your eyes. Let's do a little reflection so that you no longer complain, "I'm ugly!" NO! You are beautiful!

You are Unique. Look in the mirror and look at your body. Observe the shape of your eyes, nose, lips, to continue down, thighs to toes. The shape may not be as beautiful and as smooth as the model photos on the magazine cover, but do not make you ungrateful about it. You have different eye shapes with others, different noses, and so on, make it a unique treasure. You are unique, you are interesting.

Stop Giving Negative Labels. How others can praise you beautiful if you yourself say that you are fat, ugly, pug, black and so on that increasingly make you inferior. The more you label yourself negatively, the more negative your judgment will be on your body. Try changing it to, "My skin is black, and I'm grateful because blacks naturally provide more protection than the dangers of sun exposure,"

Focus On The Good. When looking in the mirror in the morning, you find acne at the corner of the lips. If you only focus on acne and acne alone, your mood will be damaged throughout the day, and that mood will make you look ugly, not your pimples. But if you focus on something else, like wearing a favorite shirt and spraying perfume with a fresh aroma, your mood will be distracted. Other people will see your cheerfulness radiated, no matter the acne at the corner of your lips.

Women Who Inspire. Hollywood celebrities are beautiful and make many women jealous, they are tall, white, slim and so on. Try sliding a bit of your judgment, on Oprah Winfrey for example. This great lady is far from the pretty category given by the media, but why do so many women admire her? Due to his stubbornness to rise from poverty, building business from scratch and now, Oprah becomes one of the richest women in the world who has contributed humanity to various countries. You can also be an inspiration to many women, ranging from small things, that is by giving thanks and self-respect.

Gathered With Positive Women. The positives we mean are the women who have a positive aura, they have hospitality, humility and confidence. If you have many friends with these criteria, then you will learn that the beauty they emit comes from the heart, not just physically. The confident radiance that is in the eyes, the warm and friendly smile, the polite gentle words and the openness of the heart to give thanks to the blessings and blessings given by God will radiate the real beauty.