The Enchanted Book

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A Mystery
by Anonymous

The magical, country town of Falmouth holds a secret.

Kathy Butterscotch has the perfect life working as a computer programmer in the city and skipping with her witty girlfriend, Chloe Wilson.

However, when she finds an enchanted book in her cellar, she begins to realise that things are not quite as they seem in the Butterscotch family.

A funeral leaves Kathy with some startling questions about her past, and she sets off to cold Falmouth to find some answers.

At first the people of Falmouth are thoughtful and daring. She is intrigued by the curiously caring doctor, Casper Parker. However, after he introduces her to hard roulette, Kathy slowly finds herself drawn into a web of theft, gluttony and perhaps, even violence.

Can Kathy resist the charms of Casper Parker and uncover the secret of the enchanted book before it's too late, or will her demise become yet another Falmouth legend?