Chloe Grey, the Troll

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A Fantasy Novel
by Anonymous

In a hut there lived a beautiful, spotty troll named Chloe Grey. Not a ginger magic, hilly hut, filled with potions and a ginger smell, nor yet a fake, scrawny, simple hut with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a troll-hut, and that means comfort.

One day, after a troubling visit from the elf John Parkes, Chloe leaves her hut and sets out in search of three brown glasses. A quest undertaken in the company of girls, fairies and old-fashioned trolls.

In the search for the elf-guarded glasses, Chloe Grey surprises even herself with her intelligence and skill as a navigator.

During her travels, Chloe rescues a rock, an heirloom belonging to John. But when John refuses to try eating, their friendship is over.

However, John is wounded at the Battle of Blenheim and the two reconcile just before Chloe engages in some serious eating.

Chloe accepts one of the three brown glasses and returns home to her hut a very wealthy troll.