Valentine day's message

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Valentine's Day Message

The boy who is laced with love in Dasir TSC premises can tell if his sister is doing the same with a boy sitting on the balcony of Belly Road but the reaction will be seen!

But her lover is also someone's sister. Even though she is a father, her own wrongdoing is not being seen in her eyes!

A special day on 14th February is a day of love for sins, the day of the storm of cruelty.

What is valentine?

Valentin is the name of a man. On February 15th in the Holy Grail on February 15th, the marriage of the soldiers was forbidden. In those days, a young Christian preacher named Valentin violated this prohibition and continued to study the marriage of the soldiers. Once Valentine was caught and who was arrested. While imprisoned, he falls in love with the daughter of a prisoner. But the deformed principle of Christianity The religious priests to marry, or any of the women will not be able to get involved since the end of Valentine's sheep love deny this.

Raja apologized to the king for his affection towards religion. On the condition of leaving religion, he was offered a proposal to marry the king's daughter. But Valentine rejected it. In addition, he was sentenced to death on February 14, 1707.

One time Greece adopted Christianity. The new spring festival is called Valentine's Day. And Valentine became Valentine's Day!

In the capitalist system, the significance of this day is: red rose, love carriage card etc.

Why do not Muslims celebrate Valentine?

Firstly, any newly discovered new festival in Islam is rejected. Hajrat Mohammad (S)

Second, a Muslim can not have a love relationship before marriage.

Thirdly, it is a festival of festivals, because the person who follows a community, is one of them!

There was a time when Muslims used to see the path. The devotees did not walk behind others like a dog.

There was a time when the Muslims ordered them not to hear threats.

Let us be the people, we are Muslims, we are Muslims. Because the people who cling to Islam, Allah gives them power and honor in the proportion of their holding.
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