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I went to visit my mom for some days and one day I woke up quite late and neither she nor my kid brother was at home, I didn't bother to check if the door was locked so I just went to the kitchen to look for food. After fetching food I went to the dinning table to eat

When I finished eating I put on some classic MI on my laptop and turned up the volume really high since I was home alone; my kid brother had gone to school and my mom had gone out. Next thing I got a call from my guy KK who was expecting me, I told him to give me some minutes 😃

Next thing I pulled my clothes and started walking around naked in the house miming to Anoti by MI, I finally went into the bathroom to bath. While I was inside I heard someone come in speaking with feminine voice, I assumed it was my mom & screamed that i was in the bathroom

I didn't hear anything again so I continued having my bath backing the bathroom door, few minutes later I heard my bathroom door opened and I thought it was my mom. "Mummy I'm coming" I said and I didn't hear anything again, there was soap in my eyes so I could neither see.

Less than 35 seconds later I heard a voice from the bathroom door and it wasn't my mom's voice, I was shocked so I quickly washed the soap from my eyes to see who it was. As I looked closer it was Mrs Yemisi my mom's neighbour! FUNKE!!!

Apparently she had been standing there to watch me bath and I didn't know the whole time, I was so confused as that was the most awkward moment of my life. "I came to check on your mom" she said "And you've been watching me here since?" Damn

"I didn't know you were around & I didn't even know your mom had a grown up son like you, & when I saw you bathing i couldn't look away as I haven't seen a man's nakedness since my husband died 😢" Mrs Yemisi replied. I became confused, I didn't know whether to be angry or sad

I grabbed my towel to cover up & came out to look at her face properly, I told her to look at me closely to see if she doesn't recognise me. "Its a lie😯" "Ushe, is this you?" "OMG you are a grown man now o" Mrs Yemisi screamed "Is it that I have grown or my D has grown?"

She asked me how everything was and I told her it was fine, I told her to give me a few minutes to dress up and I went inside to put on my clothes. I came outside hoping that she would have gone but she sat there looking straight at my bedroom door. "Which kain thing be this?"

So I faked a phone call and told her I had to go somewhere, she reluctantly stood up and told me to tell my mom she came by. She then told me to come help her look at her generator later when I got back, I promised to help her look at it. She left the house & I went behind her.

I finally called my friend KK and we met up at Agege, he told me that his classmate from secondary school was having naming ceremony. I asked which of the guys and he told me the guy left before I joined the school back in 2005 "You no go sabi am" "No wahala"

We went to the guy's house and we started hearing loud Fuji music from the beginning of the street, boys were gathered and all sorts of drinks was going round. "KK baba!" Segun hailed from the gate, Segun happened to be the guy naming his child and I had met Segun years back too

"Figo!!" Segun screamed, Figo was my nickname back in the field where we used to play football. "Segzy baba!" "How far you na, na you born?" "Baba na me & my wife born o" We both laugh as KK stood there wondering how we knew each other. "As una sabi una self no wahala"

Segun took us inside and started to load us with different drinks, from Gulder to Star, he brought out locals like "Alomo" and "Baby Oku". "Chineke nna, see groove eh" I screamed for joy, it was almos5 2 months I drank alcohol so I was ready to get wasted

We started to drink & in less than 5 minutes Segun's sister came in with Jollof rice, the meat on the food was bigger than my head I knew I was going to be the one to share the grace in that house because I was ready to die there. "E ba wa manage eh" Titi said "Manage keh"

I kept wondering that if Titi was asking me to manage all these that means she'll kill me with enjoyment of I marry her, I wanted to immediately ask for her hand in marriage but I had to use my "ako n'uche" and I chilled. "Thank you very much" I replied & started to eat & drink!

Fast forward.. We finished eating and drinking, I had fun watching people dance to the Fuji songs too. I finally had to stand up to go and then I realised I had taken a little too much alcohol. My vision was impaired & I struggled to get up, I had to compose myself as a big boy.

I finally got up and held KK led me through the door, I felt really high & it made me a bit excited. I kept on smiling as I walked through the compound till we found our way outside. We found a bike & it took us straight to my street, as I got down I started walking to my house

It was quite dark so I couldn't see clearly, when I almost got to my house I heard someone call my name. I looked closely and saw Mrs Yemisi calling me, she wanted me to come help her take a look at her generator. I waved at her & started smiling, next thing I went to her house

She asked me if I was alright and I told her yea, She said I looked excited and I told her in always a happy boy. She directed me to where her generator was and I told me it refused to start, I looked at it & turned on the switches before drawing it to start. The gen came on

She was glad and started to thank me, I walked inside and switched over to generator. The lights came on and the house was looking bright and beautiful, "wow your place is nice" I said, she thanked me and asked to offer me a drink. She didn't even wait for my response & went in

Next thing she came out with a bottle of White wine "I know you drink alcohol" she said "Yes but no I'm okay" I replied. "Why?" "You don't want to drink in my house?" I didn't want to look like I was rejecting her drink so I accepted to drink a little. "Alright, a little"🍷

She poured me some wine & I looked at the wine for minutes, I couldn't see clearly & I was really high at that point but I wanted to "Man up". I grabbed the glass and took a few sips, while I was drinking I asked Mrs Yemisi where her kids were and she told me they were in school

Next thing she asked me to help her take a look at the TV in her room; she said the volume wasn't "good enough". I didn't know what that meant but I just stood up to go inside and I realised I couldn't move. I stood there for seconds smiling and realising I was messed up. Damn!

I told her to lead the way and she started walking towards her room, that was when I had a better look at her and realised she had only wrapper on and her ass was bouncing inside. I began to see the pattern and realised this woman was trying to seduce me. I played along

I managed to pull myself together & counted my steps to meet her, I got to the room & when I opened the door I found Mrs Yemisi naked & standing close to the bed. I was shocked! that wasn't what I was expecting, her breasts had almost given up the ghost but she was still sexy

I wanted to turn back and she immediately started to beg me to stay and hear her out, she told me she was lonely and hadn't had sex in years. I stood and listened to her talk and next thing she came close and started to rub my chest. I looked at her eyes & I was seeing Rihanna

"Are you having wild thoughts?" I asked Mrs Yemisi, She asked me what that meant and I just told her ignore it. Next thing she started to kiss me and it was obvious she hadn't been with a man in years. She was almost eating my lips like she was eating bread & ewa agoyin Damn 😩

From that moment I was going blank as the alcohol had completely taken over my whole system, the only thing I remember was that I took off my top & went to the bed to lay. About an hour later I started seeing Mrs Yemisi riding me in my dreams, it was feeling strange so I woke up

To my greatest surprise it wasn't a dream, she was actually riding me like an amateur. Apparently she had tried to wake me but I wasted so she wanted to help herself since the D was still at attention and ready to obey the clarion call. She saw I had woken up & she got excited😃

At that moment my vision was clearer so I was able to see her body better, she had stretch marks on her thighs and they were really sexy. I told her to relax, I positioned myself properly and grabbed her by the waist. Ladies & gentlemen.. Your guess is as good as mine MEKWE!

Fast forward.. The mekwe was quite different because it felt like I went back in the past to mekwe with my ancestors, my adventurous nature didn't mind and I was equally glad to experience the time travel mekwe. I finally slept off on her bed afterwards as I was very tired.

Next morning I woke up to 17 missed calls from my mom, I hurriedly dressed up & dashed out. The light had gone off because we were too busy to put off the generator or to switch over. I went out through her kitchen door because I didn't want anybody sighting me as I was leaving.

I finally got to my house and sneaked in through the back door, as I entered the house I saw my mom looking at me. "If you weren't coming home you should've at least called" "I'm sorry I slept off" "There's food in the kitchen, I'm going out" "Okay, bye bye" My mom left

"What have I done again?" I asked myself, it didn't feel right but I didn't bother. "Afteral she wanted this" I reassured myself. I stood in the parlour lost in thoughts when I heard a knock on the front door "Who is that?" I opened the door to see who it was MRS YEMISI!😯

I just told her my mom wasn't at home and banged the door. I didn't want her to further ruin me, I walked straight to my room and locked the door. Pulled my clothes and went straight to sleep! Thanks for reading!
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