First Vigil of my Grandmother's death.

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February 21, 2018, my Grandmother was confined in a hospital because of weakness and severe health problem. I was so shocked after knowing what have happened, because before that day I was able to talked with her and asked her about her condition. She immediately answered me with a smiling face saying, Very much okay son, In God's grace. I was so happy after she told me that, though my father seems to worry about her because she have a cancer in the bone.

On February 24, 2018, Saturday evening, my Aunte told me that her condition was already stable yet she needs to be confined still because of what the doctor told. I wasn't able to visit my grandmother since the day she was sent to the hospital because of school activities and busyness in schedule. I was so terrified eventhough my aunt told me that she's okay already, the sorrow inside me has no way out.

Yesterday, March 1, 2018, I was sleeping very tightly when someone wakes me up, I was so shocked when I so my aunte. Morby wake up for a moment. When I opened my eyes and saw her, I immediately ask, Why aunte? Is there any bad thing happened to Lola? She answered, Haha, definitely nothing happen, I just wake you up because I will borrow you your charcoal for your drawing materials. After, what she said, thorns in my heart were taken away and I felt so happy about her news. I immediately prepare myself before going to school, 2 o'clock in the afternoon when I was riding a jeep for me to be on school, I wonder why my phone keeps on ringing. I get it from my bag, and I saw the name of my mother appearing on the screen knowing that she's in the hospital with my grandmother, I immediately answered the call.

Phone conversation:

Me: Hello mother, why did you make a call?
Mother: Well son, I just want to let you know about the news from your grandmother.
Me: (I smiled and tell) Oh! what's with grandmother? Aunte already told me about her condition then she's definitely okay.
Mother: Hmmm, well son it's true but ahmmm just these very moment, her heartbeat keeps on beating fast and I was so shocked seeing her trembling. I directly call the doctor, they did everything to her and used an electric pump to save her life but they felt sorry above everything son. She just passed away.
Me: (nothing to say yet my tears starts to flow)
Mother: I will hang up this conversation son, just have your way home if you want, soery to inform you about this.

As I am riding in a jeep, I felt hopeless at all its like my strength were vanished horribly. I can't even open my mouth, and my tears keep on flowing. I don't know what to do after her lost. She became my inspiration in living in this world. I was like stocked in a box and full of questions about Hows and whys. As I am about to go home, it's like I don't want to walk and see my grandmother lying in a coffin. I can't draw what I feel inside, I keep on crying and couldn't accept what have happened.

Im just sharing these story of mine where it became a very big despair in my life. Thank you for your consideration.

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My condolences. Sorry for your loss. My tears fell when I'm reading this.


Thank you @sn0white.

Condolence kaibigan. Lahat tayo nararanasan natin ng mawalan ng Mahal sa buhay.
Masakit talaga pero at least may pagasa na binigay ng Diyos sa atin, ang pagkabuhay muli.


salamat sa paanyaya kaibigan

Condolence gawn.


salamat gawn

Regret your loss and express our heartfelt condolences for the death of your beloved grandmother. She will always be there, next to you.


Thank you @teardrops though its hard to accept what have happened but we need to keep moving on be strong always..Thank you again as always