Secret 9 ( Part 2 ) Elders of Zion.. 1900 AD

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We will start with Russia, and then we will circle with the circle of the serpent in Europe until it becomes Europe
Shackled with shackles that cannot be broken... Then it will be a very sensitive and dangerous stage...
The great Ottoman Empire.. The serpent will descend to it, and we will descend with him.. and we will not rest
Until we destroy it, there will be no resurrection after it.. Then Serpent will conclude its cycle to land in
Jerusalem... and we will go down with him... and there will be our state... there are dispersal will end
When we settle in our country, we will be a great international force if attacked by a government
The other supported her.. Then we can begin to prepare the whole world for the reception
King Hamachiah, whom we are preparing to rule the whole world.
the second day
Oh, the greats of Zion and the elite of its elite.. Today our strength has reached the extent that any
A treaty takes place in the present world in which we must have a hidden hand..and our strength has arrived
To the extent that we are now the ones who decide the penalties... we execute whoever we want and pardon whom we want... and why
We reach this only because God gave us a genius that he did not give to any of the peoples of the earth.
Today is the second day, and tomorrow will be the last day for this historic meeting.. and it must
For everyone to know that without me mentioning... everything that goes on in this meeting must remain
Complete confidentiality. Although the goyim are by nature purely bestial-minded, no
They can observe anything, let alone speculate or analyze anything.. on the contrary
of us with a hyena.. This difference in mentality between us and them shows us why God chose us and gave us
An excellent nature above humanity.. If this genius appeared to non-Jews, it would be
A coincidence, not the original.. and we must fight it because it is a great danger to us.. regardless
About this, I will start talking today by explaining the republican system, which we will replace in place
The monarchy in all countries that the serpent will pass through.
The king in the monarchy will be replaced by something comical called the president.. and we will choose for this
A position is a man who has one of the secret scandals.. and we know it well.. moral
Whether it was sex, or bribery.. so that throughout his reign he would be a prisoner of fear of
Defaming him.. and we will put under his hand a comic thing called the People's Assembly.. which is
A group of people elected by the people to express it.. and this council is the one
The president will be elected and protected.. But we will withdraw from this council the power to amend
Laws.. so the president has full power.. the president in our system is the president
The army too.. It has the right to declare martial law to protect the Republican constitution
The new one, as he will claim, will not have the right of this People's Assembly to know or even
He asks about the purpose of the state's plans... and the authority to appoint the Speaker of the People's Assembly
This comic is in the hands of the head of state only.. In short, it is just a council of
Paper is of no real use.
The president has the right to dissolve the council at any time and create a new one.. and the president has the right to
He violates any existing laws and sets temporary laws at any time.. and his argument for that
It will be in the interest of the country.. Thus, governments will be dictatorial in reality
Democracy in appearance.. and the representatives of these governments are nothing but veils or implementation machines
What the administration wants, which is represented by the president and his assistants among the ministers.. and these are nothing but a cover
To pass on what we would like them to pass on.
And because we will establish permanent unrest between peoples and rulers, we will tighten the screws
The economic system is in all countries.. One day the people will mourn their rulers and call for their removal
All those rulers and the appointment of one global ruler who can unite them and destroy all of them
Reasons for disagreement.
We are the only ones in this world who possess the secrets of Freemasonry and lead it.. How can I
It is for the goyim to understand the purposes and goals of Freemasonry, and they are goyim pigs without reason
To them.. and we must multiply the cells and lodges of Freemasonry in all countries of the world..
And we will attract everyone who is known to have a famous public spirit.. and all these cells
It will be under one leadership composed of our wise men.. and we must join these cells
All agents are in the secret police in any country because they can bring down the curtain
On our projects, and that they punish those who make too much noise and cause us headaches.. and we will find
Most of the entrants to these cells are adventurers who want to get rich quickly
We alone have it.. and we will use them to push the wheel of these cells in any direction we want.
As for the press, we must deter all newspapers that try to harm us
resolute in our authority.. but we must publish an attack on ourselves from time to time we who
We write it down.. and it is an attack on the points we would like to change in our policy..
This is how true genius is.. and all the oppositions that we will arrange for ourselves will be
Superficial oppositions that don't get close to important matters.
We alone must control the news without anyone else.. It is known that news reaches newspapers
Through a few agencies in which news is concentrated and distributed to newspapers.. and when
We reach power, we will own all these agencies, and we will only publish what we need to authorize
Its news.
We must buy the largest number of newspapers of all three types. Governmental newspapers must
To take care of our interests completely.. The semi-official newspapers aim to win hearts
Neutrals.. As for the opposition newspapers, they are the third type, and they will appear as if they are
A quarrel with us.. and we will attract all our opponents with it to empty their thoughts.. and therefore
We let them show us their cards themselves .
Wait for the next secret ... The next one has more secrets that I will reveal to you .
I want more support than you and follow me ... thanks

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