A story about a consul and his family

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The consul and His wife could have solved their problem and opened up happiness if they changed their thoughts

A consul from a different who was serving in Nigeria. He was very interested in our youth camp activities and we were very close.
One day, he sat down in front of me, let out a deep sigh, and told me about his hardships.
The consul was a single father living with his one daughter.
When his daughter was about ten years old, a problem arose in the family, and he and his wife started fighting.
As time passed, they grew further apart, and the discord became very intense. Even though they wanted to speak quietly with one another, they would always end up trading harsh words.
This consul did not want to get a divorce for the sake of his daughter.
But one day, his wife asked for a divorce. When he heard the word, divorce, he felt afraid in his heart.
Because his heart leaned towards hatred and flowed that way, just living with her was driving him crazy.
So the consul agreed with his wife for a divorce.
His wife said to him, "I'm not going to ask you for anything, just let me go."

The husband could not say anything else. He signed the divorce papers. The wife left their home and the husband did not know what she was going to do or where she was going to.

The mother said to her ten-year-old daughter, I'll be back after a little while.

It seemed as though all the time spent with her mother were put into a box and the mother took it with her when she left

The consul knew he should not speak roughly to his daughter, but whenever he thought about his wife, he got so angry that he would curse his wife's name so loud. This was so difficult for this daughter to hear.

Time passed, and because the father hated the mother so much, the daughter could not mention her mother's name in front of him. She still could not get over the heart of wanting to see her mother.

She waited for many days but there was not one letter or phone call from her mother. She thought if her mom was alive or if she hated her.
The most painful thing was that there was no one around her that she could express her heart to.
After school, it became a habit for her to go into her room and lock her door. She would cry and she thought to herself, "One day mom's going to open the door and walk in with a big bouquet of flowers in her hand, then she'll hug me. But why's she not calling? Does she not love me? Maybe mom's dead."

It seemed as though her mother put those moments in a box, and tossed it in the basement.

Years passed, and soon the daughter became 18 years old. She became a young lady, she physically grew but her heart did not grow normally. Even in college, darkness didn't let go of its grip on the consul's daughter.

A certain thought entered her heart, "I'm tired of this, I've been so sad, I'm so sick and tired of this, I don't want to live anymore." Her thoughts continued on. "What will life be like for me in the future? Happiness would never come."

She contemplated if there were any other ways out besides death.

"I'm going to die, after I die, it won't matter if I'm happy or not."

The consul's daughter gave into death and allowed death to drag her.
After entrusting herself to death, she felt comfortable, she was thankful to death.

Death was unsuccessful in trying to take this girl, but her father was so afraid of losing her.

After deciding to die, the consul's daughter felt lightened. She was powerlessly sucked towards death as if she was caught in an undertow. She attempted suicide.
She did not know where death would take her, buy after some time she opened her eyes. She looked around and she was on a bed, she was at the hospital.
Death was taking her but it lost her.

"Why did it lose me? It should have held me tight, why did it drop me? The nurses were busy going back and forth, and she finally saw her father.
Her father had a worried look, with tears coming down from his face. She felt sorry about it, but then thought, " This was all his fault. " she closed her eyes.

Her father continued to cry, and held his daughter's hand and said, "I'm sorry, my loving daughter." She felt her father's warmth

Her body quickly recovered and she returned to her regular life. The sadness and loneliness were still the same. She did not feel free in front of her father.
Sadness began to settle deep into the father's heart as well. The consul's daughter once again selected death, and once again, did not succeed. All she did was cause more pain to her father's heart.

She tried attempting suicide a third time to escape her dark life, but while her father was on his way to work, he realized he forgot something and returned home.

I wanted to remove the wounded heart from sadness and hang it on the branches of happiness

The consul came to me and my parents and tearfully talked to us about his daughter. He asked my parents to take care of her.
I began to have the desire to delivered the consul's daughter heart out from loneliness and sadness.

As soon as I and my dad entered the consul's home with him, the daughter went into her room and locked the door.
Well, my dad was a pastor.

The consul begged his daughter, she eventually opened the door after about 30 minutes.
She was pretty, calm looking and we were of the same age. I wanted to say something to this Lady.
My dad spoke to her about words of hope for two hours straight.

Once any person properly meets joy, they become joyful. If they meet sadness, they become sad. When they meet hatred, they hate.
They say that the Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet weighs 359 tons. If people tried to lift that up, how could they? There's no one who could pick that up, that's why they put wheels on the airplane and the power of the engine pushes the plane down a long runway. 100 kilometers per hour, then 200, then 300, all of the airplane's weight is consumed by the speed. If a sedan is traveling at 100 kilometres per hour on the freeway, then they say the car only weighs 500 grams. When you throw a stone, as long as you have the speed, there is no weight in the stone, so it hangs in the air. Then the speed decelerates, the weight of the stone begins to work again and it then falls to the ground.
People don't have to pick up the airplane and thrust it into the air, they simply apply a high speed to it. Then the airplane can easily fly. Changing the heart is the same

The young lady started to absorb all what my dad was telling her. I could feel that a new heart was forming into her.
After my dad finished discussing with her, she got up from her seat and her boasted about my mom to her. We grew very close. Very quickly.
"My mom cooks excellent traditional Nigerian food. I have always love the meals my mom has prepared. If you would like, come over to my house, I will give you the taste of traditional Nigerian food."

"Yes, I'll be there. Thank you!"

The next day, the consul and his daughter brought a small gift and came to my house. My mom wanted to give peace to heart of this my new friend and she cooked with all of her heart, I was so happy watching my mom prepare the food.
We all sat around the table and enjoyed the food together.

"Wow, this food is really delicious! Please teach me how you make this. I want to cook this kind of food. It's so delicious."

The consul's daughter was so happy, she stayed at my house the whole day. My mom and I hung out with her.

I became her close friend, she was so happy. It was the first joyful experience she had after losing her mother.

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