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Good evening steemians.
Things are really getting out of hands, we need to be extra careful and sensitive. The rate at which scamming is getting higher and scary can't be underestimated. One of my friends shares her experience with us in a group chat. I am still in the shock. I have never heard that kind of scam before. People are so desperate to get rich at the expenses of other life.

This is the conversation

Mhiz J: Good evening everyone , how was our day? I will like to bring our attention to something. I have always heard of a scam format by asking of street or places from people, but I don't believe it, until it happened to me yesterday at Ikeja. These Cotonou men ( they called themselves foreigner) came to where I was standing, one of them asked for a street description, I told him I don't know the street. He kept disturbing Me, till I had to shout(if you know Ikeja very well, all the way from the roundabout to that railway area, these men was following me) and looked back to checked their face, hmmm that was the last thing I remembered...
To cut the long story they collected my computer system(Laptop) and my iPhone threatened me to get my parent's money and family properties. I later got back to my senses when I got to the bus stop of my house that was around 11 pm yesterday evening.

While she was sharing her experience , another group member responded.

Mrs. F: Wowww!!! This has happened to me about 3 times even in Ishaga my area, once I noticed them, I will just start shouting. They were two, one o my left and the other on the right side. May God restore all that you have lost to you.
I was still in shock of this. when Mhiz J replied Mrs. F.

Mhiz J: As if you were there I have never in my life encountered them. They threatened me to bring my parent properties. The experience is bad. Please let us be careful.they are many out there.

Am yet to get over the shock. That was when Madam Kay replied

Madam Kay:😱😱😱😱 oh my God, sorry about that sister. Almost happened to me when I was 13, that was like over 15years ago. Two men speaking French, one was interpreting in English that they had lost their way. Naive me, I was actually answering them, I was on my way to school that early morning, I was describing street. Thank God, there was a woman in her shop and saw what was happening, she screamed thief, thief, kidnapper, Kidnapper, that was how they ran away. We need to be smart. And we need to tell our children to be cautious and sensitive
My friend and I later chat privately explained how she was threatened by those men, they told her not to tell any of her family. She advised and told me to share it on my blog. People should be very careful while dealing and trying to help a stranger along the street. People are so desperate of getting rich so quick. They will go extra mile to hurt others just for them to be happy. We need to be more careful.God will continue to help us and guide us.

Thank You
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