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There have been two great swordsmen in the history of Japan, one was Miyamoto Musashi, the other was Yazuro Yanagi, and Yasuo Yanagi was the apprentice of Miyamoto Musashi.

Because of his youth, Yashou Lang Yanagyu refused to accept his father's teaching to concentrate on swordsmanship, and was expelled from the house by his father. So Yanagi, who was stimulated, vowed to become a great swordsman, and ran to a barren mountain alone to meet the most prestigious Miyamoto Musashi at the time, and asked to learn from his teacher.

After meeting Miyamoto Musashi, Yanagyu asked eagerly: "If I study hard, how many years will it take to become a first-class swordsman?"

Musashi said, "All your remaining years!"

"I can't wait that long," Liu Sheng said more eagerly: "As long as you are willing to teach me, I am willing to put in any hard work to achieve my goal, even when your servant follows you. How long will it take?"

"Then, it may take ten years," Miyamoto Musashi said.

Liu Sheng was even more anxious: "Oh! My father is old, I will see me become a first-rate swordsman before he is alive. Ten years are too long, how long will it take if I work harder?"

"Well, that might take thirty years." Musashi said slowly.

Liu Sheng burst into tears and said, "If I don't hesitate to do any hard work, how long will it take to practice sword day and night?"

"Oh, that might take seventy years." Musashi said, "or I never hope to be a swordsman in this life."

At this time, Liu Sheng was entangled with a big doubt: "How do you say this? Why does the harder I work, the longer it takes to become a first-rate swordsman?"

"Your eyes are all on the first-rate swordsman. Where can you see yourself?" Musashi said peacefully, "The prerequisite for the first-rate swordsman is to always keep one eye to look at yourself."

What does the "first-rate swordsman" in the eyes of Liu Sheng mean to you? Is it power? Is money? Or what are the goals or ideals? What does "first-rate swordsman" mean to your organization? make money? Occupy a key position? Or serve the society and practice ultimate care?

What is the reason why Miyamoto Musashi said that he would not be able to become a first-rate swordsman without hesitating any hard work to practice his sword day and night? And the prerequisite for becoming a first-rate swordsman is to always keep one eye to see yourself. What does Miyamoto mean? What kind of content does it depend on?

In work and life, the rapid global change and the rapid spread of information drove everyone to pursue new knowledge, fearing that they would not be able to live until they are old without learning; but in the dead of night, they are confused about "Who am I?" , "What am I pursuing?", "Is the life pursued in this way my ideal life?" So I can't sleep for a long time.

These phenomena are also "a "first-rate swordsman" whose eyes are all fixed. Where else can I see myself?"

Perhaps it is time to look at yourself with one eye. What is your "sword practice" without hesitating any hard work, day and night? Which eye do you keep looking at yourself? Friends in the political arena, when you criticize others with all your strength, do you have one eye to see yourself? In the flood of knowledge of lifelong learning, when you actively seek knowledge from outside, which eye do you use to see yourself? Look at yourself with one eye, what do you see?

If everyone in this society is praying for others to give instead of themselves, then who is really giving?

If you only know to seek outward and forget to learn inward, how can you achieve the meaning of your life?

The true meaning of life is to dedicate your life to help others!

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