何必纠缠自己(双语_中文_英语)&Why bother yourself (Bilingual_Chinese_English)

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The Norwegian psychologist Nordske served in the army for a year. During a sudden military exercise, due to time constraints, Nordske hurried to the court before he could tie his shoelaces. Just when he was about to bend over to tie his shoelaces, the exercise began. .
From that moment on, Nordske kept thinking about the unfastened shoelace, what to do in case it loosens, trips over, makes a joke... just like that, it has been unable to concentrate.
The result unfortunately happened: Nordsk was shot and injured in his left leg. In fact, that shoelace has been tied well.
Later, based on this experience, Nordske put forward the famous psychological law-"Psychological Diffraction Theory" Our brain is often easily entangled in some irrelevant small things, resulting in mental inability to concentrate or attention deviation.
The more you care, the more serious the deviation, the longer you entangled, the worse things will be. If you are entangled with bad things for a lifetime, then you will always be trapped in a cheap life.
The biggest tragedy in life is to be entangled with a bad person for a whole life, basically you have lost other possibilities, which is called "opportunity cost" in economics.
In order to get something, you need to give up the greatest value of other things. In other words, how you divide the same resources and how you make the same choices can show a person's wisdom and level.
If you beat your child so hard to speak loudly for a broken vase, then your child's courage is worth the vase.
If you are entangled in a sentence for decades, then the value of your decades is worth the sentence.
Not because bad things are not worth fighting for, but because there are more big things waiting for you to complete in life.
Therefore, Ma Yun will not go back one by one just because someone scolds him; Wang Jianlin will not talk to the store for an afternoon for a piece of expired beef; Li Ka-shing will definitely not wait for two hours to buy a pound of cheap tofu. Long line. Because there are more important things waiting for them to do.
The entanglement and stubborn waiting are another kind of injury. Loosen each other's clasped hands to embrace more of the future. No one can pay how to buy the missed time. Maybe we learn to let go and let the past quiet down.
Instead of entangled, it is better to let go in time to quiet the past and brighten the future!

Newspaper chief’s reading experience:
Don't let the little things of life be entangled in the heart, and finally become the root in the flesh, and the blood in your heart is blurred.
Growth is not the increase in age, but the maturity of the soul. Knowing how to stop loss, how to let go, know that for the past tense of entanglement, you will lose new fate, for small things entangled, you will waste time, unable to pursue more meaningful Thing.
There is a great ad sentence: "Life should be wasted on beautiful things." Don't waste it on some unpleasant things.

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